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Notes on Episode 3: The Settlement

More on Jordan's Chandler's description--Was there a match?

There is convincing evidence that Jordan's description did not match the photos taken of Jackson's genitalia. The fact that Jackson was not arrested after the body search communicates the mismatch clearly. Also, if there had been a matching description, Jackson would certainly have received an indictment from the Grand Jury a few months later, because such a match would be incriminating evidence. Press reports citing law enforcement confirmed there wasn't a match, and that Jordan got the circumcision issue wrong.

However, in a magazine interview 2 years later in 1995, District Attorney Tom Sneddon suspiciously suggests there actually was a match in a marking drawn by Jordan Chandler. But we come to find out when Sneddon submits a motion at Jackson’s trial in 2005, that this assertion that there is a match is based on Sneddon’s own opinion of one spot that is relatively in the same place. He mentions nothing of the circumcision issue, which indicates that Jordan got it wrong, and he also says nothing of other spots that didn’t match. To me, this motion by Sneddon provides support for Jackson’s innocence because of what it leaves out. There is no verification of this match by his own doctor or detectives that he hired to be at the body search. In his trial motion, Sneddon makes no mention of the names of these prosecution experts in his motion, and does not attempt to bring them forward as witnesses. Sneddon only asserts his own authority about the matching spot. Sneddon also put forward this motion at the very end of Jackson's trial, after the defense had rested its case. Sneddon was tricky about this, as he was fully aware that this evidence wouldn't be admitted and would not get in the hands of the defense. But this way he gets to say he submitted this motion that claims there was a matching marking. Many pro-guilty parties use these misleading and unfair statements by Sneddon to claim there was a match.

See the following analysis on the Vindicating Michael website:

Gutierrez tells the LAPD about a prior FBI investigation into Jackson abusing 2 Mexican boys. The agent investigates this claim, but writes in his report that no records of this claim were in Jackson’s FBI file. This was one of Gutierrez's tricks to muddy up Jackson's FBI file by calling in unfounded allegations.


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