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Notes on Episode 7: The Con

More contradictory accounts regarding Gavin's allegations of molestation and being held against his well:

Here is an interview highlight video with a former middle school classmate of Gavin's, who says Gavin told her he was being told to lie about the allegations

Here is the full interview with the classmate, Marcy Saylor by Reflections on the Dance founder, Deborah Kunesh

Here is the transcript of the full interview with Marcy Saylor

Interview with Caroline Fristedt and Jenny Winings in the Square One Documentary (starts around 1hr 12min). They were on the defense witness list in Jackson's trial because they spent time with the Arvizos at Neverland during the time they later say they were held captive, plied with alcohol by Jackson, and say Gavin was molested. Fristedt says she spent the entire day of February 19th 2003 with the Arvizo boys at Neverland as another guest at the ranch at the time. Winings says she and her friend spend March 9th and 10th 2003 at Neverland having fun with Gavin and his siblings.

A family friend of the Arvizo's, who was also a sometimes hairstylist for Michael Jackson says in this interview on The MJCast that Gavin's sister Davellin told her that her mother did horrible things to the kids and that she was planning something big against Jackson. (starts around 1hr 9min)


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