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Notes on Episode 4: Psychiatrist Interview

This interview of Jordan Chandler by psychiatrist Richard Gardner has not been officially verified, since it was never submitted as evidence in court. But I thought it was worth examining closely because when Ray Chandler was promoting his book in 2004, he put it forward as evidence for Michael Jackson's guilt. He reportedly released it on his book promotion website in September 2004. Richard Gardner died in March 2003, which is before Chandler allegedly posted this interview, so his input on the the validity of the interview is not possible. Ray Chandler appeared in numerous tabloid-style documentaries around the time of Jackson's criminal case in 2004 and 2005. Chandler played a few audio excerpts from this psychiatrist interview in these shows.

It makes sense to me that this is a valid interview, because Evan Chandler mentioned in his recorded phone calls how everything was going according to a certain plan, and if he followed that plan to the letter, he wins--he said he "checked that inside and out." Therefore, traveling to NY from LA to see someone who was thought to be a specialist in false allegations of child abuse fits into this extreme scheme to make sure he had a no-lose plan. If this doctor supported Jordan's claims, it would be a huge boost to their case should it get to trial in civil court. But if he didn't, his insights about what made him doubt the allegations could give the Chandlers help in shaping Jordan's story going forward with their civil case to make his claims sound more credible. There's some evidence that they did lift Dr. Gardner's terminology for Jordan's declaration released 2 months after this interview, in December 1993. In this declaration, you see liberal use of Gardner's stages and phases when describing the progression of alleged abuse.

As mentioned in the episode, Dr. Gardner's actual impressions are never released publicly, and the Chandlers hire a different lawyer to interpret the interview for the civil case preparations. This lack of transparency makes me wonder what insights Dr. Gardner might have had on Jordan's answers when compared to Gardner's interviews with his parents.

Although it makes sense to me that the interview itself is valid, because the public never heard all of the audio from the interview, and Ray Chandler admittedly left out portions of the interview, I am suspicious that there's more to this interview than is presented publicly.

Former LAPD officer Bill Dworin is featured in this documentary, repeating Sneddon's line about how Jordan Chandler's description of Jackson's private were a match. Dworin was making the media rounds surrounding Jackson's trial in 2005, and he appears to me to be a self-promoter pushing the police and prosecution narrative without evidence to back up his claims. Dworin was not hired to be at the site and evaluate the photos of Jackson's privates back in December 1993 to compare to Jordan's descriptions. He does not account for all the reports using law enforcement sources that Jordan got the circumsicion issue wrong, nor does he explain how Jackson wasn't arrested after the body search, nor indicted by the grand jury if there was a match.


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