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S1: Episode 5. The Chandler Allegations Part 4--The Sex Tape

In this episode, you'll hear about how Tom Sneddon takes his criminal case against Michael Jackson to 2 grand juries, and both fail to indict Jackson. Despite the lack of evidence and failing to get an indictment, Sneddon doesn't close the case against Jackson, and continues to make media appearances where he lets it be known that all he needs is a willing victim to come forward. Hard copy reporter Diane Dimond and Victor Gutierrez are involved in promoting the scandal that there is a secret tape where Jackson abuses a boy. Evan Chandler continues to try and litigate against his own family members and Michael Jackson.

She describes this proposal by Ray Chandler as opportunistic and unethical, as it comes immediately after the settlement whereby the Chandlers are forbidden from speaking publicly about the case.

This article addreses why prosecutors choose to bring charges through a grand jury.

Both the Santa Barbara and Los Angeles grand juries fail to indict Jackson.

One juror reveals that there was no damaging testimony brought forward in the hearings.

Weitzman criticizes how Sneddon brought Jackson's mother to the grand jury as a witness, reportedly to inquire if Jackson altered the appearance of his privates because it didn't match the accuser's description.

She states that, "After over 200 witnesses questioned during the Grand Jury proceedings, including 30 children, no corroborating witnesses could be found."

The documents show that Evan left his second wife with a $22,000 tax bill. They also reveal Evan's connection to Ray Chandler in seeing profits from the All That Glitters book.

This lawsuit raises public awareness about the unreliability of statements made under sodium amytal's influence. It's this growing awareness that I believe led to Evan Chandler leaving out sodium amytal in his book published in 2004. What remains is a strange story about Evan putting his son under anesthesia that was "dangerous" for children, but not mentioning the agent.

Prosecutor press conference in September 1994

LA District Attorney Garcetti says that Jackson should be considered innocent. "Michael Jackson is presumed to be innocent as any citizen in this room is if they are not convicted of a crime. We are not charging Michael Jackson with a crime." However, Santa Barbara DA Tom Sneddon insists that he is ready to reopen the case at any time, and misleadingly says that there are 2 more victims. (Referring to Brett Barnes who has consistently denied any wrongdoing, and to Jason Francia, for whom Sneddon never brought forward charges.)

See page 55 of this FBI file document

This moniker come from legal colleagues because of his tendency to allow himself to get emotionally invested in his cases, and his tendency not to let go.

After Jackson was acquitted in 2005, Sneddon refuses to return property seized in raids. He also refuses to destroy 1993 photos of Jackson's privates. Examples of Sneddon's not letting go in the Jackson case.

Neverland 5 lawsuit is found to be fraudulent

The judge leaves the bench in disgust. The plaintiffs were found to have stolen from Michael Jackson, sold stories to tabloids, hold employment grudges against Jackson, and, in the case of Adrian McManus, have a history of fraud.

2005 trial testimony from Jason Francia and his lawyer:

Information about the settlement terms with Jackson are brought up during their testimony. It's established that in the agreement, which Francia and his mother signed, Jackson admitted no wrongdoing, and said in the document that he was settling to avoid bad publicity, not because he committed any offense.


Q: "This is a recent video, or something[.]"

Dimond: "Yes. . . . It was taken right before Christmas as the story goes and it was recorded by one of Michael Jackson's own security cameras. He likes, everybody knows that he likes to bug rooms and put cameras up and the whole 9 yards[.]"

Q: "How do they know about this?"

Dimond: "Well, it's kind of a convoluted story but the bottom line as I understand it is: someone close to . . . Michael Jackson knew of the existence of this tape. It is an x-rated tape, I must tell you and [—]

Q: "It is an x-rated tape?"

Dimond: "It is . . . yes."

Q: "Of Michael Jackson[?]"

Dimond: "Truly explicit."

Q: "It's what? Michael Jackson and little boy. Are you 100% sure that this tape exists?"

Dimond: "I am as sure as I can possibly be."

Tom Sneddon declaration in support of Diane Dimond in Jackson slander suit

Further background on Dimond and Gutierrez, especially relating to the sex tape story

Here is an excerpt from Mason's declaration provided in the slander lawsuit, describing his interview with tabloid broker Ken Wells:

"Mr. Wells told me that on July 2, 1997, Mr. Gutierrez and his attorney, Mr. Goldman came to Mr. Wells’s home unannounced to discuss production of the supposed photographs. During their discussions on July 2, 1997, Mr. Gutierrez told Wells about all of Mr. Gutierrez’s connections in the tabloid business, and that he had sold many stories, some of which had been “B.S.” and simply made up. According to Mr. Wells, Gutierrez said that money in the tabloid business was easy, even for false stories. Mr. Wells told me that he asked Mr. Gutierrez about the videotape issue in this case. According to Mr. Wells, Mr. Gutierrez said that 'The judge told me to produce the tape and I couldn’t produce it.' Wells asked Gutierrez whether he ever had or saw the tape and, according to Wells, Gutierrez smiled and said, 'Well, you know how that is. You know how these things are.' Wells told me that he believed Guiterrez was telling him, without saying so explicitly, that he had lied about the existence of the tape.”

This account is from her book Jackson Family Values. She refutes Gutierrez's claim that he met with Maldonado at a hotel to give her the sex tape. Despite Gutierrez's claims to police that he had met Maldonado in a hotel room and showed her the tape, the hotel had no record of him ever staying there. Gutierrez also alleged Maldonado called the LAPD, but there is not a record of her call. The alleged sex tape never materializes. Maldonado says, "The story was an outrageous lie. Not one part of it was true. I’d never met the man. There was no tape. Michael never paid me for my silence. He had never molested Jeremy. Period.”

Gutierrez is ordered to pay Jackson $2.7 million in damages, which he never does:

Gutierrez fails to show up and his lawyer makes this statement: 'Mr. Gutierrez is required to be here, but he has chosen not to be here, and you may draw whatever inference you may from his non-appearance.'

This article reveals Rodney Allen's potential connection to Victor Gutierrez and Evan Chandler.

Evan Chandler will sue Jackson because of his statement that the prosecution found no evidence against him, contending it's in violation of the settlement agreement.

His case was thrown out of court in 2000.

Sneddon declares that the Jackson investigation is only in suspension until somebody comes forward.

Jordan Chandler legally emancipates from his parents and goes on to live with his stepmother

After failing to get a grand jury indictment, Sneddon repeatedly speaks to the media about how the Jackson case can be opened at any time, and is only in suspension, not closed.

Victor Guitterez was used as a source in the media surrounding Jackson's trial in 2005

Gutierrez shows up as a consulting producer on an NBC Dateline special called, “Inside the Michael Jackson Case”, in 2005.

Chandler attempted and succeeding in quashing the subpoena from Jackson's lawyers. They wanted to bring Chandler to the stand to place before the jury his alleged evidence that he'd been talking about in his publicity interviews for his recently published book, All That Glitters.

In this document, Chandler's website is mentioned where he says he has proof of Jackson's guilt.

Jordan gets temporary restraining order against Evan after attack on his son with a 12 1/2lb weight, which the judge found could cause serious bodily injury or death. The order is eventually vacated a year later:

Evan Chandler’s death, and reported bipolar disorder and other ailments:

"I actually knew Evan Chandler. I met him several times in the 1990s. I had lots of secret meetings with Evan Chandler, trying to get to the bottom of what was going on. I was pretty young, sort of green and wish I had my present level of expertise to be able to have applied back then. I have stories about that guy that I have never published."

"He was about as inconsistent as they come. He was so determined to get me on his side, I thought he was just a tad scary. If you read my book you sort of get how I felt -- feel -- about him. When [the book] came out he called me screaming at me for not just buying his story 100%. He actually threatened me, and I thought... okay, pal, now I know who you really are."

This is reminiscent of Rodney Allen coaching the Canadian boy to falsely accuse Michael Jackson of child molestation. Allen has alleged that he was connected with Gutierrez and that the idea for the Canadian boy came from him and that Evan Chandler was supposed to pay him for it.

In this documentary that came out in 2019, you can hear several new witnesses who came forward to support Jackson's innocence. One of these witnesses went to college with Jordan Chandler and heard him saying that there's no way Jackson was a child molester.

Thanks to the following sources, which helped guide my research

These sources have collected documents and followed the sex abuse cases over many years:

(currently a private site)


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