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S1: Episode 15. Leaving Neverland Part 1--Twisting Timelines

In this first part of the series on Leaving Neverland, you'll follow the story as it's presented in the documentary, starting with Safechuck and Robson first meeting Jackson in 1987, and continuing through 1992 when they say Jackson was losing interest in them for other boys. Both accusers present narratives in the documentary that contradict their lawsuits, which were ongoing even at the time of filming for Leaving Neverland. There are many credibility issues that are highlighted in this episode, along with deceptive moves by filmmaker Dan Reed, which he appears to employ in order to create a more powerful narrative of grooming.

Barnes testifies that Jackson never did anything inappropriate to him, and was a good friend of the whole family. Brett and his family met Jackson on the same Australian portion of the tour that Wade met Jackson, and had a similar experience with getting invited to Neverland. Unlike Robson, Barnes and his family spent many months on tour with Jackson. Leaving Neverland does not present Brett Barnes' almost identical experience, the only difference being that Robson claims abuse.

Billy Ramirez account:

Billy Ramirez, when he was a kid, met Jackson in Australia during the Bad Tour in 1987, just like Wade and Brett. Ramirez and his family came to Neverland for their first trip to US, and says Jackson was just a nice bloke, and denies anything inappropriate happened. He and his sisters maintained a friendship with Jackson over the years.

After Jackson’s death, Ramirez is quoted saying you have to get to know Jackson to understand him, and there’s nothing to the allegations.

In his account, Safechuck is the one to first reach out to Jackson by letter, and Jackson responds with one letter. 8 months later, Jackson's assistant calls to invite the Safechuck family to dinner. Several weeks after that on Thanksgiving Day, the Safechucks call to reciprocate the dinner invitation, and several weeks later, Jackson goes over to their house for dinner. This contradicts the Leaving Neverland narrative that Jackson started the relationship by calling from Australia and sending a film crew out.

Clip from video shot at Safechuck's house, showing Jimmy in front of a Christmas tree full of gifts, contradicting Safechuck and his mother’s statement that the film crew was sent out sometime before that first dinner in early November.

Some samples of notes Jackson wrote to his nephew Taj Jackson:

Safechuck was on tour with Jackson for a little over 2 months. This is similar to many other friends of Jackson's, such as the following:

The Leaving Neverland Bad Tour timeline contradicts Safechuck's lawsuit about the abuse starting immediately upon arriving on the tour in Paris. Leaving Neverland has Safechuck and his mother describing a lot of time getting closer and closer to Jackson before Paris, which was impossible.

The tour dates reveal that Jackson was on tour for most of 1988 and the beginning of 1989, making Safechuck's claim of everyday abuse at Neverland difficult to believe.

Swinson says Neverland was a beehive of workers in 1990, with construction vehicles everywhere.

Neverland Ranch Manager Joe Marcus testimony:

Marcus states that Jackson was in the hospital recovering from surgery in the summer of 1990 when he came up with many of his renovation ideas for Neverland. He said when Jackson first moved in, the ranch had only the main residence, the guesthouse with its four units, the arcade building and the office building with a garage.

See the Episode Notes section on this episode to read my commentary regarding Safechuck's Neverland movie theater story.

Robson states under oath how his sister slept upstairs the second night, because she felt concerned, and he believes the abuse started that second night with his sister there.

Robson's lawsuit account contradicts his sister's trial testimony from 2005, in which she says she didn't want to impose on Jackson's space the first night, so slept upstairs, but the second night joined Wade and Jackson downstairs, and felt perfectly comfortable around Jackson at all times.

Only 2 months after Robson’s deposition, Wade has his interview for Leaving Neverland in February 2017, now telling the story that all was completely innocent at Neverland until his family left. In his interview with CBS This Morning, Robson says nothing happened on the 2 nights prior to his family’s departure, and implies that he and sister are together with Jackson both nights before the family leaves. In the Leaving Neverland version of events, the nights didn’t start changing until a day or two after the family left, and there’s no hint of his sister expressing concern and moving to a different room the second night.

Joy Robson states under oath that her whole family, including her kids went on that trip to the Grand Canyon.

Testimony by Joy and Wade Robson:

They both state that Wade wasn't at Neverland alone until 1993, which undermines his current Grand Canyon story of being alone with Jackson at Neverland in 1990.

BET called out Wade Robson regarding his comment that Jackson's hair felt rough like a Brillo Pad. Jackson had a soft jeri curl at the time.

"He's beautiful, his hair is really soft, and his skin is soft, and he's strong when he holds you, he's really strong, and he smells beautifully. I've got him all over my shirt."

Commentary on the similarities between Safechuck's abuse stories and the stories told by Victor Gutierrez in his fictional book allegedly based on Jordan Chandler's diary.

Jackson bought many women rings:

At 11:47 of the following video, you can see that it's a different season, some furniture is different, and the t-shirt is gone.

Dan Reed films wedding ring scene 17 months after the original interviews, using the same Airbnb, the same clothes, chair and positioning to make it look like one seamless scene.

In this interview, after Leaving Neverland was released, Brandi says she had a completely normal physical and emotional romantic relationship with Wade, during the time in which he was allegedly being abused by Jackson. She says what caused them to break up was Wade's cheating on her with multiple women.

In this article, Dan Reed says Joy Robson confirmed that Brandi and Wade were sweethearts, and that she used to drop him off at Brandi's house from about age 12-13.

On Robson's blog, he describes being promiscuous in his teens, which is during the time he was in an exclusive relationship with Brandi Jackson, according to her account.

Birthday message from Jackson to Wade, filmed about 7 months before Wade's actual birthday. He did many of these messages in a row to others, all at one session.

Barnes defends Jackson and asks HBO to remove his name and likeness from Leaving Neverland.

Thanks to the following sites for their collection and analysis of the court documents in Robson and Safechuck's cases, which helped guide the research for this episode:

Special thanks to The Michael Jackson Innocent Project for posting the full transcript of Leaving Neverland, and a big thank you to the Swedish fans who created the transcript.

Also thanks to the youtube channel Collative Learning for the videos on reshoots and suspicious editing


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